Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Introducing Marca Doeff

As I contemplate the solution to the hype problem in batteries, we have a new blogger who wants to talk about a few real breakthroughs.

Marca Doeff is a Staff Scientist and a colleague at Berkeley Lab.  She taught me everything I know about cathode materials and is the person I call when I need to understand something about materials in general.  Her own research is focussed on materials for Li-ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, and solid state batteries.

She has done some really groundbreaking work in all three areas, including coming with a cathode material that has higher capacity than traditional layered materials, and decreasing the interfacial impedance between ceramic Li-ion conductors and lithium metal.  And No! She does not follow my guide to breakthroughs!

But she is also someone who has been in the thick of cathode development for Li-ion batteries for a long time and has a rich perspective on how we came to where we are today.  She is going to condense a 40 year history into a blog post.  So, for the first time on TWiB, something useful.

The researchers she writes about did not follow my guide either when they came up with their breakthroughs!

So... enjoy


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